For any molecule to have an effect it must reach the site of action in sufficient quantities across a number of biological barriers.

Pheroid® is a delivery system based on micro- and nano technology, proven in the market place, that enhances the bioavailability of active ingredients for a wide range of applications.


The Pheroid® Cluster Incubator is a non-profit company with industry as well as South African government backing, with the aim of:

  • providing common resources and expertise for Pheriod® based product development across industries, including but not limited to the pharma, agricultural, complementary medicine and cosmetic industries.
  • providing resources and infrastructure for pilot and up-scaled manufacturing.
  • supporting business development of mainly Pheriod® based products.
  • centralising shared services in terms of procurement, quality assurance, regulatory services, access to technology and creating awareness for the Pheriod® technology.

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The Pheroid® technology provides the opportunity to deliver improved products to the market. The use of this technology provides products with a competitive edge in terms of:

  • improved efficacy of pharmaceutical and complementary medicines for human and animal use by virtue of enhanced absorption and/or decreased metabolism of active ingredients, versatility in terms of dosage form and administration root, increased circulatory and/or systemic half life of active ingredients, improved side effect profile, etc;
  • uptake enhancement and translocation of active ingredients and nutrients which has the potential to increase harvestable yields in agriculture;
  • improvement of the healing and therapeutic effect of cosmetics.
  • Underlying patent protection.

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Pheroid® Cluster Incubator Profile

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Industry Sectors


Pheroid® has shown applicability for use in the areas of vaccines, peptide drugs, topical products and antimicrobial treatments. In all of these, trial results showed improved uptake and/or efficacy of the entrapped chemical or biological compounds after administration by a number of administration routes.

The application of Pheroid® technology is potentially limitless and includes such areas as TB, malaria, cancer, AIDS, gene delivery, vaccines and patented as well as generic medicines. A number of products using Pheroid® have already been commercialised, with eight application patents registered in more than one country.


Similar than it's use in Pharmaceuticals and animal health, Pheroid® is used in supplements and complementary medicines where Pheroid® is applied in various delivery routes to deliver the active ingredient in various dosage forms.

A trial supplement product tested amongst the NWU rugby teams, show results for enhanced physical performance in terms of timed reaction. Since Pheroid® is easy to manufacture and more cost effective than any other competing technology it's application in this industry, just as in the pharmaceutical industry, is seemingly limitless.

Skin Care

Pheroid® is also a skin-friendly carrier for cosmetic compounds with improved delivery and therapeutic efficacy of topically applied compounds.

With this in mind, the commercialisation of the first facial skin care and beauty range is currently progressing, with trials completed and the manufacturing and distribution network negotiations in process.

Ongoing research in this industry has the potential to unlock more applications.


The first commercial product based on the Pheroid® technology is a bio-transporter for the delivery of macro- and micro-nutrients for the agricultural industry.

Products using Pheroid® as an uptake enhancer in the fertilizer industry has been manufactured for a number of years, and are exported from South Africa to four continents.

Apart from use in the fertilizer industry, studies are under-way for the use of the Pheroid® technology in pesticides, fungicides, animal nutrition as well as animal health.

Active Members of the Pheroid® Cluster Incubator:

The directorship of the Pheroid® Cluster Incubator NPC is 33,3 % black with 25% of the industrial cluster members from previously disadvantaged groups. Five of the Pheroid® cluster members have women as directors; two of the companies with 100% female directorship.

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