Bio Agriculture

Sample application: Plant therapy

BioPher™ (Pty) Ltd develops and commercialises bioagricultural products. The company is in the business of increasing harvesting yields by using novel concepts in agriculture.  Established in 2008, it manufactures, markets and distributes AnnGro®, a product based on the Pheroid® technology. AnnGro® is used to improve the uptake of inorganic fertilizer by incorporation into liquid macro-element fertilizer as a nutrient uptake enhancer.

The product is registered under Act 36 of 1947 as an adjuvant (L9443) with similar registrations in a number of countries. It has been used with success by large and small-scale farmers with the largest export currently to China.  A second product, CoatgroTM for dry fertilizer is undergoing evaluation in the field.  The Technology Innovation Agency is supporting a current investigation by Biopher™ into the use of Pheroid® and similar formulation technologies, for use in pesticides.