Preclinical and Clinical product evaluation

Sample application:

The PCDDP is a state-of-the-art facility, established in 2011 and situated on the Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University in South Africa. The platform is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment and the environmental control necessary for preclinical and clinical development, as well as the development of novel dosage forms for healthcare products.

Qualified professionals are able to conduct various types of preclinical and clinical studies of new products being developed, as South Africa rises to the challenge of building a vibrant pharmaceutical industry. This includes the small scale production of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, phytomedicines, supplements as well as other botanically derived medicines.

The PCDDP is a place where excellence is pursued, where excitement about the innovation is palpable and where the gap between pharmaceutical and phytochemical research & development and the market are being closed.

The North-West University, where the PCDDP resides, is the intellectual property holder of Pheroid® technology, with research and development licenses to the members.